Custom-built cladded pipes from India

Crystal Industrial Syndicate's cladded pipes from India are in compliance with the most rigorous standards of strength, corrosion resistance and cost effectiveness. Usually the outer part of the pipe is made from carbon steel to withstand the inner pressures, while the inner high alloyed cladding of the pipe is meant to protect against corrosion.

Our cladded pipes go through two types of cladding process : 1) Metallurgically cladded plates 2) Mechanically bonded pipes

Metallurgically clad plates :

We use a unique patent pending process to make cladded pipes using metallurgically clad plates. The process guarantees a tight bonding between the different materials.

We have been manufacturing such cladded pipes in India for reputed companies world-wide, especially in the oil and gas industry.

We offer a wide variety of size range of cladded pipes. We produce OD's from 114.3 mm (4") up to 1 219 mm (48") in a variety of material combinations. We supply cladded pipes with both options, with external cladding or internal cladding.

Mechanically bonded plates :

This consists of a corrosion resisting cladded pipe that is telescopically aligned inside a pipe using carbon-manganese material. Hydraulic expansion is used to create a tight bonding between the two pipes.

We produce such cladded pipes in a variety of size ranges, in OD's from 114.3 mm (4") up to 660 mm (26") and lengths of up to 12 m without circumferential weld.

Compared with metallurgically cladded pipes, our mechanically bonded pipes from India offer a wide range of material combinations for both the inner and outer pipe and remarkable price advantages. The cost saving is due to the use of economic carbon steels in conjunction with corrosion resisting steels and a low-cost production process. Also the process allows for easy assembly of cladded pipes on site.

World-class cladded pipes

We make custom-manufactured cladded pipes to meet unique requirements of your processes.

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Extensively documented

Crystal's cladded pipes offer extensive documentation and process information.

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Common Questions about Cladded Pipes

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Global Support for cladded pipes

Crystal's team of engineers offer global support for our cladded pipes, anywhere in the world.

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